modern interior design

bright room colors for home decorating in kandinsky style

Modern interior design and decorating trends look at classic artworks for inspirations. The history of modern design, architecture and art blend into colorful and bold rooms created with bright colors and simple geometric shapes. Decor4all shares an expert advice for interior decorating and creating exclusive atmosphere…

room decor ideas and natural materials for modern homes

Eco style is pleasant and relaxing. Ideas in eco style are perfect for country home decorating and traditional interiors. Rustic wood and natural stones, driftwood recycled crafts and unique home decorations made with natural materials are excellent interior decorating ideas for modern interiors in eco style….

room decor ideas for English interiors

Modern interior decorating ideas in classic English style connect people to old traditions and create unique, comfortable and warm living spaces. Traditional English style is a great choice for meaningful and elegant interior design. Decor4all collection of modern interiors in English style demonstrate how to use…

modern interior design ideas contemporary room decorating

Minimalist style is one of contemporary trends in decorating. Minimalist style is perfect for all who appreciate clutter-free, functional and elegant modern interiors. Contemporary interior design and room decor in minimalist style are practical, effective and comfortable. Minimalist style adds unique character to spacious, bright and…

modern interior design trends and art deco decor ideas

Art Deco decorating ideas are impressive, striking and always modern. Art Deco decor and interior design ideas create amazing, exclusive and luxurious living spaces. Developed at the beginning of the last century, Art Deco decorating style is about uniqueness and beauty, blended with Bohemian chic and…

window coverings for large windows

Custom window designs are beautiful and interesting, but require a smart approach to window decorating with curtains to balance the unusual window designs. Decor4all shares a few ideas for window coverings for too large window sizes and provide tips for balancing room decorating. Large window designs…

modern bedroom decor ideas in white colors

White decorating is simple and elegant solution for bedroom design. Colorful accents can balance and spruce up white rooms. White colors look great with all pale pastels, so it is easy to keep modern bedroom design light while adding color to white decorating ideas. Decor4all collection…

eclectic interior decorating style for modern room decor

Modern decor ideas in eclectic style allow to combine all you love in beautiful rooms. This spacious houseĀ  in Canada was featured in Style at Home magazine. Eclectic style attractively combines room furniture and decor accessories in various styles and unite interior decorating by using similar…

modern interior design in english classic style

Classic interior decorating looks beautiful and feels comfortable. A formal symmetry of interior decorating in classic style, spectacular moldings and rich decorative fabrics create truly cozy rooms. An oriental-style fireplace and mosaic patterns can add more interest to relaxing interior decorating in classic style and personalize…

modern interior decorating materials, concrete metal tile designs

New stone and metal tiles give amazing opportunities to personalize and style modern interior decorating. Beautiful decorative patterns add character and unique look to floor decor, accent wall design or ceiling decorating. Interior designers only limited by their imagination. New contemporary tiled designs allow to create…

meander fabric prints and decoration patterns for home interiors

Classy meander patterns are modern trends in decorating that have a potential to stay. Meander motifs are elegant and attractive. Simple lines that create geometric shapes look beautiful with existing interior decorating and can beautifully accentuate modern interiors in any style. Meander sequences add sophisticated look…

room decorating with accents and colors

Cheap ideas and small changes can transform and refresh interior decorating. New wallpaper patterns, lighting fixtures, painting ideas or crafts personalize modern interior decorating and add charming accents to existing rooms. Bright room colors, space saving furniture and creative interior decorating ideas beautify modern interior decorating…

contemporary interior decorating ideas and home furnishings

Modern trends in decorating, including contemporary style, aim to infuse elegant and comfortable idea into spacious and airy rooms. Contemporary interior decorating style deals with the size of the room and its functionality, turning home interiors into spacious and multifunctional. Contemporary interior decorating style, by its…

art deco decorating ideas for modern home interiors

The Art Deco decorating style was originated in the 20s and 30s, and now becoming a strong modern trend in home decorating, bringing unique designs, distinct color combinations and luxurious materials into modern home decor. Art Deco furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures are inspired by…

unique furniture design wooden table with top made like pisetta

Retro furniture and decor ideas, inspired by the thrills of 60s, create gorgeous, bright and retro-modern interior design that make Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel in Spain a great place to reminisce about a dynamic cultural period and take inspirations for bringing retro style into your…

unusual window design, walls painted turquoise and orange colors

The avant-garde style is about novel, never done before interior design experiments, innovative solutions and contrasting color combinations. The avant-garde decorating style is the opposite of the classic interior design style. This style brings dynamic color combinations, adds bold

round window and wall painting

Modernism influences interior decorating in many ways, attracting, impressing and charming people. The blend of comfortable and beautiful interior decorating ideas in Modern style create gorgeous home interiors with exclusive feel, original designs, luxurious atmosphere

dining room decorating in country home style

Modern country style decor ideas are inspired by a relaxing and peaceful, small village atmosphere and create warm and comfortable interiors that feature natural materials and decorating color combinations. Simple and unpretentious, rustic or elegant, country style decor is a popular

ottoman with knitted cushion

Winter home decorating with knitted furniture and decor items feel cozy and warm. Knitted furniture upholstery fabrics, throws and pillows, floor rugs and storage baskets, vases and even tableware with knitted details are modern interior trends 2013 that celebrate unique handmade designs

vintage furniture for storage

Modern interiors of a spacious penthouse. situated in an unusual apartment building in Madrid, look stylish and airy. Vintage furniture and salvaged wood pieces bring warmth and cosiness into white decorating. Modern interior design features an access to a charming terrace

fitting chair

Portable folding chair is made out of bent plywood and polypropylene. Folding chair that turns into a bag is a great gift idea for travelers, musicians, teachers and students. Simple and elegant, this chair design looks stylish, featuring warm wooden brown colors, pleasant geometric

wall art for interior decorating

Creative and colorful apartment ideas from Ukrainian architects give unique personality to modern interior design and decorating, creating bright and comfortable living spaces with an artistic and exotic flavors. Cheerful color combinations and bold contrasts turn these modern interiors

dining furniture and lighting fixture

Minimalist style appeared in Europe between the 20s and 40s and got popular in the 40s. Interior design in minimalist style reflected the deficit of building and decorating materials, furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and household items after the World War II. The fundamental

yellow wall tiles

White decorating with yellow color accents and space saving contemporary apartment ideas from German architect Gerd StrengĀ  are sunny, comfortable and optimistic. Stair Case Study House 01 design is a concept of modern house that celebrates strong color contrasts created

blue wallpaper with golden floral designs

Beautiful wallpapers from Harald Gloockler Pompous Design Mode are glamorous, romantic and very decorative. The collection of modern wallpaper designs is created with innovative technologies Marburg and offers wonderful latest wallpapers for modern interior design

contemporary lighting design

Modern interior design and decorating ideas from Staffan Tollgard Design Group demonstrate unique style that blend Asian and Scandinavian functionality with a strong appreciation of furniture as sculptural art. Two story Kensington penthouse in London is one of their latest projects that created gorgeous and stylish…

brown and white living room decor

Tropical home decorating ideas are about open spaces that connect interior design with natural surroundings. Inspired by luxurious villas of Maldives W Retreat & Spa, tropical home decorating ideas may include dark wood furniture, combined with white decorative fabrics and bedding, exotic