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diy small storage containers recycling plastic bottles

Home organization for busy people can be a challenging task. Home organization can be too expensive for all who have a small budget. Creative ideas that show how to recycle plastic bottles for diy home organizers and small storage containers are inspiring and helpful for all of us. Decor4all shares smart alternatives for buying storage containers in stores and offers great craft ideas for kids…

storage shelves and modern room decor ideas

Interior decorating with open shelves gives home interiors a contemporary look and informal feel. There are a few practical advantages of modern interior decorating with open wall shelves. This shelving allows air to circulate well which is great for the stored on shelves items. Open wall shelves make interior decorating look more spacious, letting light come through them. They allow to see a window or…

recycle for crafts, cheap kitchen decorating ideas

Art and craft ideas help create simple, beautiful and unique kitchen decor. Recycle crafts and easy to make decorations can enhance the look of your new modern kitchen and add interest to existing kitchen decor. Recycle for crafts produces wonderful home decorations made with simple materials. They demonstrate amazing craft skills, talents, creative personality and a sense of style. If you have a small budget…

handmade snowflake decorations in modern interiors

Snowflakes are amazing, beautiful and captivating. They bring interesting shapes into winter home decorating and brighten up home interiors. Snowflakes are versatile for any winter decorating style and suitable for all rooms and outdoor living spaces. Unique and gorgeous snowflakes give great inspirations for creating wonderful decoration patterns, adding white, blue and light gray color tones to winter decorating. Snowflakes are excellent holiday decorations, and…

recycling felt craft ideas, handmade floor rugs

Huichol rugs are handmade by Elissa Medina and blend colorful designs, influenced by Mexican folk art, with creative modern ideas and amazing patience. These floor rugs are beautiful and inspiring, giving great ideas for DIY projects recycling felt fabric pieces. The colorful, soft and pleasant floor rugs offer attractive floor covering options for interior decorating and outdoor rooms. Hadmade in Mexico, these rugs look unique…

diy wooden frames with containers for plants

These chalkboard planters are functional and very decorative, creating beautiful vertical gardens and making excellent gifts. The black chalkboard paint add unique accent to wall planters that can bring your walls to life with a stunning vertical garden. Perfect for growing edible herbs or small decorative plants, these creative containers are space saving and very convenient. The wall planters mount securely to any vertical surfaces…

how to make home organizer advent calendar with felt fabric

This wall decoration is an easy DIY project from German magazine DaWanda. Soft felt fabric and simple craft ideas create this beautiful home organizer and Advent Calendar, perfect for any room decorating. The handmade home organizer can be personalize with your favorite color, and also you can add a few surprise gifts to your home organizer, turning it into a very special handmade present for…

modern interior decorating with braided decorative patterns and handmade accessories

Braided decorative patterns are spectacular, timelessly elegant and modern trends in home decorating. For thousands of years people have used different ways of plaiting and braiding fibers together to make cords for practical things and home decorations.Braided decorative patterns and carved wood designs look stunning, adding depth to furniture and architectural elements. Today stylish braids are used clothes trimmings, hair designs, carved wood furniture decoration,…

recycled crafts and handmade cheap home decorations

Here is a few simple home decor ideas and creative crafts that help add fantastic accents to all your rooms and redesign your home interiors with unique, interesting and stylish designs. From decorating your existing room decor items to creating new accessories, these simple craft ideas give great inspirations for modern home decor on a budget. Anything that you have at home can be recycled…

handmade vases and creative ideas for interior decorating with vases

Unusual decorative vases can be used for placing flowers inside them or adding a unique touch and personality to your room decor. Unusual vases are beautiful home accessories, that allow your to infuse creativity into home decorating. Here is an inspiring collection of designer vases that give ideas for crafts. Various materials, colors, textures and shapes that you can use for your handmade vases, offer…

cheap home decorations, paper craft ideas for kids and adults, handmade wall decorations

Butterflies decorations transform the atmosphere and decor style of a room. These paper craft ideas are inexpensive and very impressive. Handmade butterflies decorations look great on walls in kids rooms or any room in the house, allowing your imagination run wild and creating beautiful, romantic and unique wall decor. Butterflies decorations created with paper can be designed in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Wall…

hand painted furniture and modern decor ideas

Simple and versatile furniture items from inexpensive stores, like Ikea, or old wooden furniture pieces can be personalized, hand painted and transformed into amazing centerpieces. Creative DIY painting and decorating projects can save money while showing your talents and turning old or cheap furniture items into masterpieces. Here is a collection of furniture painting and decorating ideas that personalize one piece of furniture from Ikea,…

paper tablecloth painting for unique party table decoration

This DIY tablecloth is great for quick and creative table decoration, bringing simple and elegant design idea into modern busy lifestyle. Good for any party theme, paper tablecloth help your party go smoothly. Creatively decorated, simple tablecloth made of recycled paper enhances your party theme and well coordinate with paper napkins, plates, cups and goody bags. Fun and functional, made of recycled tablecloth is a…

shelves and storage furniture decoration with modern wallpaper

Creative furniture decoration ideas turn functional cabinets, bookcases and shelves into attractive items that personalize interior decorating and make a statement. Neutral colors, contrasting and bright color combinations and modern wallpaper patterns add bold and exciting accents to your home decor, updating, recycling and upcycling old furniture pieces. Wooden furniture decoration ideas offer various techniques, like stenciling or painting. Modern wallpaper is one of the…

recycling furniture decoration ideas

Simple furniture restoration and decoration ideas help transform a piece of furniture cheaply and creating beautiful home furnishings for your home interior decorating or to sell. It gets expensive to buy new furniture There are many cheap and easy alternative ways to save money or make money by restoring old wood furniture pieces. Almost every furniture piece can be restored and beautified by stylish paint…

fathers day crafts and handmade fathers day gifts

Fathers Day crafts and handmade gifts offer really special presents for dads. Useful and thoughtful Fathers Day gifts are especially pleasant and interesting. A Fathers Day is celebrating once a year , so you can prepare great gifts for any season, from cool T-shirts with funny and cheerful messages to coffee cup holders and knitted hats for winter. Creative fabric and paper crafts make wonderful…

dishtowels decorated with pompons

Simple kitchen decor ideas that inspire dto reuse and recycle items that you have into beautiful and creative kitchen accessories or decorations offer a way of interesting and green living, saving money and protecting the environment. You do not need to buy it if you can DIY. Here is five kitchen decor ideas that are simple, bright and fun. These kitchen decor ideas help repurpose…

fabric painting ideas for designing kids storage spaces

Bright interior decorating ideas are great for kids rooms, adding energy and optimism to living spaces for children. Creative storage solutions make kids rooms look interesting and organized, making interior decorating feel more spacious, stylish and airy. DIY storage solutions cave you money while teaching kids how to be creative. Here are three wonderfully bright interior decorating ideas that help declutter and organize kids rooms….

upholstered storage boxes and totes

Upholstered storage boxes are wonderful diy projects that help reuse and recycle cardboard boxes, and personalize room decor with handmade designs and favorite color combinations. Storage boxes are available on the market in a wide range of designs, sizes, types, colors and shapes, but your own upholstered boxes and totes are beautiful and cheap home decorations that bring lots of personality into your home interiors….

yard decorating with flowers

Outdoor home decorating with unusual plant pots adds interest to backyard designs. Creative recycling ideas bring various shapes and designs into yard landscaping, offering playful and very decorative containers for plants and flowers. Bare spots can be filled with interesting plant pots with flowers, and plain backyard ideas can be changes with unusual containers that help declutter your home while decorating. A clay pot or…

tulip flower arrangement

DIY flower arrangements make wonderful table decorations and centerpieces on a budget. DIY vases created with glass bottle or jars look simple and charming. Beautiful flower arrangements turn them into gorgeous table decorations and centerpieces for home decorating, saving you money and bringing more fun into your life. DIY vases make excellent, original and unique gifts. Beautiful flower arrangements in DIY vases suit any interior…

glass globe vase with jute rope for hanging

Natural rope, especially jute rope and sisal twine, look so chic. There is just something absolutely wonderful about using this rugged, age-old materials in modern interior decorating and creating gorgeous, unique and natural home decor items in eco style. Natural rope adds interest

grass and flower cutting for making decorative balls

This hanging pendant with flowers is designed by Jeniffer Kirk. Charming Boxwood Pendant with Flowers is an unusual flower arrangement that is easy to create. A single pendant or few flower arrangements grouped together are excellent home decorations for special occasions

handmade pillow covers with horse head appliques

Horse appliques, applied to plain decorative pillows, beautifully transform a bedding set in a children bedroom and add a fun detail to a family room or guest bedroom decor. Animal appliques are a wonderful, simple and attractive themed decor ideas that create unique and unusual decorative

white wreath with stars

Wreaths made of coffee filters look unusual, tender and very attractive, offering creative, interesting and inexpensive home decorations for any room. Coffee filters wreaths are light. These decorative accessories can be used for fantastic wall decorating, also they look wonderful on doors

handmade fabric applique ideas

Appliques, applied to plain pillows dramatically transform room decor, adding unique, bright and unusual accessories to your living spaces. Sew-on fabric appliques and embroidery are great handmade home decor ideas, excellent for updating the appearance of old pillow covers or creating

diy table centerpieces and flower arrangements

DIY decorative vases look unusual, interesting and unique, bringing creative design into modern home decor and recycling useless items, upcycling them into beautiful home decorations. Glass tube vases, designed by French artist Aurelle Richard, give a great

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