Exquisite French Decorating Ideas, 22 Elegant and Beautiful French Interiors

french decorating ideas for modern interiors in french style

French style is one of the the most exquisite and elegant trends in decorating. French interior decorating ideas are universally appealing, romantic and beautiful. French interiors feel comfortable and inviting, so ideas in French style are versatile and suitable for all home interiors, ages and both genders.

French decorating ideas transform living spaces into very special, stylish and luxurious retreats. French style is so beautiful, romantic and flexible that French interiors make fans among men and women, single and marries, teens and adults. Decor4all collection of attractive and classy French decorating ideas shows how to create amazing, timelessly elegant and pleasant to the eye French decor for modern living rooms, kitchens, dining areas and bedrooms.

French interiors can be decorated in various styles. Urban French style, French country home decorating ideas and Provence decor are different, but fascinating and inspiring. The secret  of French style is a unique approach to interior decorating which blends romantic softness and luxurious tenderness into beautiful French interiors.

French country home decorating ideas, French decor style with Brocante vibe

22 French country home decorating ideas for modern dining room decor

French decorating ideas

French decorating ideas and light room colors

French decorating ideas call for warmth, high quality decorative fabrics and textiles, pale room colors, including neutral color tones  and light designs. French interiors are welcoming and charming, elegant and comfortable, interesting and calming.

Urban French interiors

Urban French interiors are created in neutral colors, mostly light neutral color tones which include gorgeous creamy white colors, light gray color tones and pale beige hues. Black accents and a subtle touch of antiquity create gracious elegance of French decorating ideas.

French decorating ideas for urban homes

Decorative fabrics made with natural fibers, porcelain figurines, vases and classy lighting design create delicate and exquisite French interiors in contemporary and traditional styles.

French decor for modern kitchens in Provencal style

New French decorating ideas rediscovering classic French style

French country home decorating style

French country home decorating style creates peaceful mood and offer complete relaxation. Natural interior colors have charming prints of fading. French country home decorating ideas include handmade items, baskets, pots, wooden boxes and often vintage furniture.

French country home decorating ideas

Large wall mirrors in carved wood frames, paintings and vases with fresh flowers add charming accents of luxury and comfort to French interiors in country style. Rich home textiles and decorating fabrics create beautiful room decor accessories.

Light room colors and natural home fabrics, interior decorating in French style

Embroidery, lace and ceramics in pastel shades emphasize elegant and warm interior decorating in French style. Candlesticks, sculptures, dry fragrant herbs and beautiful plates for fruits or sweets make French interiors even more appealing, interesting and inviting.

French country home decorating ideas for bedrooms

Living room design and decor in French style

French decorating ideas and color combination of blue and brown

Soft pink and white colors, home decorations for French interiors