DIY Cork Home Decorations and Accessories, Ways to Recycle for Crafts

green ideas to recycle for crafts and home decorations designed with wine corks

Handmade cork home decorations and accessories are beautiful ways to create unique items and recycle for crafts. Wine cork recycling is a popular art bringing elegant beauty of this natural material into fashion and modern interior decorating. Decor4all shares a few interesting ideas to recycle for crafts and design amazing accents with wine corks.

Wine corks can be turned into many different eco friendly products, such as pin boards, tiles, dressing accessories, safety mats, countertops, boat decks and table decorations. Wine corks used for furniture decoration, floor and wall design also.

Wine corks are one of the easy materials to recycle for crafts and handmade home furnishings, like organizers and wall art. There seems little reason to not recycle this beautiful, soft and warm, natural material for eco friendly home decorating.

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Home decorations and accessories recycling wine corks

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Recycling cork allows to experiment with creative design ideas. Boards, coasters, plaques, table tops, floor boards, wall and floor tiles, table decorations, bracelets and necklaces can be made from wine cork. There are plenty creative ways to recycle cork.

Wine corks are great for making displays and door wreaths, serving trays and card holders. All cork home decorations are attractive and unique reflecting the original beauty of the eco friendly material.

DIY cork home decorations

Making cork door stops and billboards, hot pads and vases, wall decorations and home organizers with wine corks are great ways to recycle for crafts and improve home decoration. Dressing accessories and practical home decorations, room furniture decoration and creating candle holders with wine corks are modern and Green ideas.

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Wine corks should never go to waste. A highly useable, practical and beautiful material to recycle for crafts allow to create amazing items. This material, which is able to protect wine, can help protect the world by putting a stop to wastefulness.

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