Classic Style Adding Chic Look to Cozy Apartment Interior Design in Eclectic Style

interior design ideas in eclectic style with classic furniture and room colors

Classic style brings luxury and ultimate comfort into modern interior design, blending pleasant neutral colors with bright artworks and contemporary appliances into striking home interiors in eclectic style. Decor4all presents these beautiful, elegant and modern interior design ideas developed by two designers A.Sahno and N.Davidova from Ukraine.

This modern apartment interior design demonstrates the unique charm of classic style and shows beautiful ways to bring warmth and chic into apartment decorating in eclectic style. Ceramic tiles offer attractive flooring ideas, and heated floor design add warm and luxury to modern interior design. Practical and durable, traditional ceramic tiles with a modern look work well for country home decorating and urban apartment design.

Modern storage improves the functionality of interior design and creates neat look in all rooms. The dressing room in the bedroom has a large number of shelves and drawers, which makes this apartment even more attractive and comfortable. Storage shelves in the living room provide plenty of space for books and accessories, allowing to decorate and store things in style.

Modern interior decorating in classic style

10 beautiful interior decorating ideas in classic style

Modern interior design in classic style

Modern interior decorating in eclectic style enriched by classic furniture and room colors

Modern lighting ideas, combined with classic style shapes create beautiful interior design which features comfortable functional zones. Room colors are quiet and sophisticated. Light and dark brown color shades feel comfortable in the living room and bedroom. Milky-white paint colors refresh interior design and add brightness to the rooms in classic style.

Metal decorative accessories and light home accents in mustard, coffee, jade green colors add color to modern interior design ideas while emphasizing classic style. Functional, comfortable and attractive room furniture in classic style are made of wood. High quality natural upholstery fabrics and warm light colors bring softness and grace into modern interior design.

Living room design in classic style

Delicate figurines and small home decorations help create a warm and inviting atmosphere of cozy homes. Light shear fabric allow plenty of natural light which enrich modern interior design and decorating.

Eclectic interior decorating style

Refined and modern decor ideas in eclectic style

Modern interior design ideas in eclectic style benefit from room furniture and decor accessories in classic style, blended with contemporary straight lines, stainless steel kitchen appliances and large windows. Charming Provencal style chic adds unique feel to beautiful rooms decorating with comfortable furniture in classic style.

Classic furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures

Cozy neutral colors and white accents for modern living room decorating

Modern bedroom design in classic style with large chandelier and upholstered bed headboard

Classic furniture and decor accessories for dressing room decorating

Small bathroom design with ceramic tiles and pale pastel green walls