15 Elegant Contemporary Interior Decorating Ideas in Minimalist Style

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Minimalist style is one of contemporary trends in decorating. Minimalist style is perfect for all who appreciate clutter-free, functional and elegant modern interiors. Contemporary interior design and room decor in minimalist style are practical, effective and comfortable. Minimalist style adds unique character to spacious, bright and elegantly simple living spaces and create stylish atmosphere in modern homes.

Decor4all shares a few great inspirations for modern interior decorating in minimalist style. These beautiful examples demonstrate how to use color and textures, play with decorative accents and place room furniture. Straight lines and simple geometric shapes, black and white decorating ideas, scarlet red color for accentuating and spicing up modern interiors are wonderful ideas for creating beautiful contemporary home interiors in minimalist style.

Modern interior decorating ideas in minimalist style create a sense of art installation. Ordinary home furnishings in contemporary style and sculptured objects give an abstract, often futuristic look to minimalist interiors. Nothing distracts from the feeling of a functional and elegant masterpiece, offering a seducing opportunity to enjoy free of clutter elegance and functionality of room decor in minimalist style.

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Contemporary interior decorating in minimalist style

Black and white decorating ideas, contemporary interior design in minimalist style

Simplicity and functionality of contemporary room decor is attractive and stylish. Pure interior decorating colors, graphic prints and geometric decoration patterns, like stripes, polka dots, diamonds or zig-zag, help brighten up contemporary interiors and create interesting accents.

Decorative accessories in minimalist style feature simple shapes and are used in contrasting colors. White decorating ideas look gorgeous with wood textures, glass and metal items.

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